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    今年6月份,他们无意间从网上看到关于我的介绍,便抱着试一试的态度来电咨询,告知我具体情况。我分析后断定此病的原因在阳宅,我问他们房子的西南方是不是有一个水窖,他说:“是的”,我问哪年建的,他说:“2005年”,至此,原因已经很明晰了:一、2005年是乙酉年,属于下元甲子,行艮八运,五黄大煞在“坤宫”,而八卦“坤宫”代表西南方位,故断定位置在西南方位;二、五黄大煞多主瘟荒类的疾病,所以,全家人凶事必定为疾病而非车祸、刀伤类;三、家人身体中出虫子,至今不愈,断定阳宅必定挖地三尺,至今没有做风水处理。风水中,阳宅好比一个人,家人好比人身体的器官,阳宅元气大伤,家人必定不顺,或是生病,或是破财,阳宅出现伤口,家人必定遭殃。此病,我用“祖传宝罐”医治,内含180治多种中药,配合九龙之水,择吉日吉时吉向下宝罐于创煞之处,使阳宅元气逐步恢复,全家人得以康复。果不其然,一个月后,病初见成效,他们来电话感动的哭着说:“我们终于遇到贵人了,还以为这辈子没救了,谢谢周师傅救了我们全家,你比我们那里师傅的水平都高!”8 份,距医治时间还没过百日,全家人的病就己完全康复,他们再次来电感谢,说着说着便又感激的哭了。

A case illustrates the strange disease cured cases

Baiyin, gansu province teenits silver area

In 2014, a net friend to inquire family appear strange disease, shenzhen city, guangdong province. According to introducing, they now live in shenzhen, guangdong province, originally from shanxi years ago got a strange disease, the whole family out bugs in the body, itching, more and more serious, it is strange that this kind of disease only do not infect infect by outsiders. Sick time, they seek treatment, successively visited shanxi, Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, guangzhou and other large hospitals, some parts of the skin tissue necrosis, but still no curative effect, a specialist in parasitic disease experts said: "I'm practicing medicine for more than 40 years, have never seen this kind of disease." For medicinal purposes they sold the building to pay high medical costs, in desperation, they turned to Mr Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang, heal what no effect after Mr Suggest they are away from home, they had to leave. Now they live in rent, shenzhen city, guangdong province, the whole family huddled in a single house, odd jobs during the day, evening boil Chinese traditional medicine, every day life in despair.

In June this year, they inadvertently see about me from the Internet, then try holding the attitude to inquire, inform me details. I concluded that the cause of the disease in YangZhai after analysis, I asked is the southwest of their house has a water cellar, he said: "yes", I asked which in a year, he said: "2005," at this point, because already very clear: one, 2005 is YiYou, belongs to the yuan jia, gen eight, five big evil spirit in "kun palace", huang and gossip "kun palace" on behalf of the southwest direction, therefore conclude that location in the southwest direction; Second, the main blast destroyed more than five yellow big evil spirit kind disease, so the whole family with bad disease rather than for a car accident, cut class; Three, family members, the bugs in the body, so far no more, the judge YangZhai must dig three feet, and have not been dealing with feng shui. In feng shui, YangZhai is like a person, his family is like a person of the body organs, YangZhai weakened, family must be bad, or sick, or financial ruin, YangZhai a wound, the family will suffer. The disease, I use "ZuChuanBao jar" heal, containing 180 a variety of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), with the water of Kowloon, pick an auspicious day, the auspicious treasure pot down to the evil spirit, weakened YangZhai gradually restored, the whole family to be able to recover. Sure enough, a month later, the disease produced results, they called touched of cry to say: "we thought we finally meet nice people that will, in this life didn't saved, thank you teacher zhou saved from our family, you is higher than our master level!" August, before one hundred days from the healing time, the disease will have a full recovery of the family, thank you once again to call, they said and walked down the grateful tears.